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House of Lebied

The Lebied Striped Flare Pants

The Lebied Striped Flare Pants

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Introducing the epitome of coolness – our latest pants crafted with cutting-edge print technology. These pants feature a 4-way stretch double-sided custom print, ensuring versatility and comfort like no other. With UPF 50 protection and chlorine resistance, they're ready to withstand any concert, beach-pool party, or crazy night out!

The vertical lines in classic black and white are strategically designed to elongate the figure while accommodating curves without distorting the stripes. This clever design detail creates a slender and curvy silhouette that's bound to turn heads. Comfortably secured at the waist, you can dance all night without even feeling them.

As you move, the bottom flare starting below the knee gracefully opens up, revealing a vibrant fire RED lining on the reverse side. Pair them effortlessly with a black, red, yellow, or white top – whether cropped, long, or even a shirt. For added allure, layer them with a long coat to reveal just enough and intrigue everyone who sees you pass by.

--- SIZE GUIDE So, how do we fit you? ---

These pants stretch very well and follow your curves. Note you can cut the flare length if you want them shorter as the fabric does not fray. Measure well, mark the desired length following the curves of the bottom and use sharp scissors. Once cut, secure with tight stitches the end of the front opening seams and Voila!

Our Model "Ro" measurements for reference: 

Height 5'6" • 120 LBS • Wearing a SIZE S

25" waist • 33" high hip • 37.5" low hip • 22" thigh • 28" inseam


S / SMALL  2/4 denim 24/28" waist 34/38" hip

M / MEDIUM  6/10 denim 29/32" waist 38/41" hip


L  / LARGE  12/16 denim 33/37" waist 42/46" hip


Let's keep shining, dear.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS Wash gently by hand in cold water. Use mild detergent and let dry flat. Do not bleach. Do not iron or dry clean.


MADE IN USA of imported fabric

Feel free to each out if you have any questions about the product or sizing, we will gladly help you.  Instagram @houseoflebied DM is the fastest way to reach us or send us an email to

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Sam from Miami @elementaldancer I call them Flow pants because of the big flared bottoms make for great flow when you walk or use flow props for dancing! Seriously fun! SIZE S 


Jeep from Nashville I have these and they are Perfect! SIZE M 

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