Collection: The Lebied Slava Sequin Palazzo Pants

Indulge in luxury with our Limited Edition palazzo pants, meticulously crafted in small batches. These pants are a golden cascade of lush sequins, seamlessly blending from a regal midnight blue or ruby red to a rich gold hue. Experience both comfort and glamour in one exquisite garment.

Featuring a v-shaped waistband with a hidden ultra-soft elastic, these pants stay securely in place while embracing your hips from a higher angle, just below the belly button. The soft and breathable mesh lining ensures maximum comfort, leaving you reluctant to take them off.

Designed with slender tailoring to flatter your curves, these pants offer freedom of movement with a loose fit from the hips down. Pair them effortlessly with a dark, shiny solid top, a loose untucked layer, or a lightweight silky sweater paired with gold pumps for an effortlessly chic ensemble.