Lebied, A Tale of Swans

Lebied, derived from the Ukrainian word for swan (лебідь), symbolizes the legacy of maternal lineage, creativity, and timeless beauty.

Rooted in the love and artistic legacy of generations past, the House of Lebied embodies the essence of dreams, the allure of muses, and the craftsmanship of artisans. We are the culmination of these influences, the embodiment of the Sum of All.

Lebied, the cherished surname passed down through generations of mothers and daughters, flows through our veins, infusing our creations with the wisdom and artistry of those who came before us. May their love and inspiration guide us as we journey forward, shaping the House of Lebied into a beacon of elegance and creativity.


"Founded on the love and artful expression of the ones who came before me and weaved the DNA of my soul. Dreams of dreamers, beauty of muses, making of makers. We are the Sum of All.

Lebied, the last name of my ancestors ran in the blood of the mothers who loved the daughters who became the mothers of the daughters infinitely in time. May their love through their artful hands, may their wisdom and their muse illuminate the path that lays in front of me, and through me shall become the House of Lebied."

Maria Cecilia - Founder of House of Lebied